Searching for Info on New Jersey Judges?

August 9, 2007

There are a few resources you can check for information about state court judges in New Jersey.  The first place to start if you know the year in which the judge was appointed  is the web site of the New Jersey Judiciary.  Biographical information can often be found in the press release issued by the court

Another source to check is the New Jersey Court Guides at the web site of the New Jersey Law Journal.

Although these guides are not updated past the date of publication, they are based on interviews with the judges and include reviews of significant cases presided over by them.  A subscription to the New Jersey Law Journal is required for access.

Guide to the New Jersey Supreme Court, February 16, 2004

Guide to the Superior Court Appellate Division, March 15, 2002.

And don’t forget, information about their temperament and judicial philosphy can often be gleaned from the opinions they’ve written.   To find opinions written by a particular judge, select the appropriate court database in Lexis or Westlaw and use the following fields in your search:

Lexis:         writtenby(smith)

Westlaw:   op(smith)


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