Old Time Radio Shows

September 13, 2006

The Centered Librarian reported recently that you can access over 10,000 Old-time Radio Shows – FREE! from the OTR Network. Listen to radio shows such as The Jack Benny Show, Abbot and Costello, George Burns and Gracie Allen, and over 11,000 others.


2 Responses to “Old Time Radio Shows”

  1. I couldn’t get anything playing. Shame. Some of it is BBC too, so not sure about the site’s copyright claim. Seems unlikely.

    I’ll stick with good old BBC Radio 4 and BBC7 for my weekly dose of Hancock’s Half Hour and The Navy Lark (The latter isn’t on the schedule at the moment)

    BBC’s “Listen On Demand” + Replay Radio + MP3 Player = Pleasant Commute

  2. Info Center Says:

    Oh, that’s disappointing! I’ll have to look into that one.

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