“Another Chance to See” Celebrates Second Birthday!

July 30, 2006

Congratulations to Another Chance to See on its second birthday! ACTS follows the stories of those endangered animals originally reported on by author Douglas Adams and zoologist Mark Cawardine in the BBC radio series and companion book, Last Chance To See. Adams, famous for his book, The Hithchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Cawardine, reported on their journeys around the world in the 1980s for a glimpse of animals which at that time were on the brink of extinction. Another Chance to See brings up to date the stories of animals such as the aye-aye lemur, northern white rhino, mountain gorilla and kakapo parrot, and reports on how many of each are left. The news is not always good, but the endeavor is priceless. Learn about how the building of the Three Gorges Dam in China is affecting the Baiji dolphin, find links to rare photos of Dian Fossey’s orphan gorillas, and find out how you can help Save the Rhino by purchasing a shirt or CD. You’ll also find a collection of links to recordings of Douglas Adams’ lectures and original radio broadcasts of Last Chance to See. The subject the serious, but as always, Adams is funny and insightful.

In addition to reporting on the prospects of endangered animals, Another Chance to See offers ways one can help to save species which are threatened by industry, environment and economy. In celebration of its second birthday, ACTS creator, Gareth Suddes has redesigned the site and added a new feature, a fundraising campaign to Save the Rhino; at last report, there were only two northern white rhinos left. Another new feature is a Google Earth download to better visualize where in the world these animals are. Congratulations, Gareth, on a job well done for a very good cause!


One Response to ““Another Chance to See” Celebrates Second Birthday!”

  1. Gareth Says:

    Many thanks for all your encouragement Gwen.

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