CLE Classes from Lexis & Westlaw

June 6, 2006

Your rep from Lexis or Westlaw can offer to teach classes that offer CLE credits in your office. These classes can cover the following topics.


Lexis Westlaw
Explore the Environment – Research environmental case law, statutes, regulations, agency decisions, consent decrees, guidance documents, etc.; Factual Discovery – Impeach witnesses, discover facts relevant to your case; discover facts on jurors; locate witnesses to subpoena; Labor & Employment – Research case law, statutes, regulations, agency decisions & opinions, pending legislation, settlements and jury verdicts; Litigation Strategies & Solutions – Research opposing counsel, locate articles on a topic, verdictsparties and investigate expert witnesses. Ethics & Professional Responsibility –Ethical issues associated with legal research; learn thorough research methods; locate ethics opinions; Litigation – Research procedural issues, court rules, learn search techniques for trial resources such as practice guides, forms & jury verdicts; RegulationsPlus – Access annotated Code of Federal Regulations, case law summaries, links to relevant code sections & agency materials Shortcuts for Statutory Research – Use StatutesPlus to find, read, verify and interpret statutes with efficiency.

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